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Thank you for visiting our portal which gives easy access to all our news and information. There is a lot to tell you and we are sure you will find it interesting.

It is our intention to update the news and assistance frequently so please keep coming back and having another look. It will help to keep up-to-date with ACE.

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The aim and mission of the Association for Church Editors is to help you to improve your magazine and to encourage the effective communication of the Christian message

Formed in 1999, the Association for Church Editors brings together editors, designers and other church members involved in the production of church magazines in all denominations throughout the United Kingdom and abroad

A group of local church magazine editors had come together to discuss ways and means of producing successful church magazines. The Association grew out of a proposal to organise a national church magazine competition, which has now become the ACE Awards Scheme.

Church magazines play an extremely important role in reaching out not only to existing congregations but also to people  who live in the community around  the church but who, for whatever reason, do not come to church.

To be successful in competing with so many other publications coming into people’s homes, the quality and content of church magazines have to be as good as we can possibly make them.

The ACE website is your portal to advice and resources designed to help you improve your church magazine... more>

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Updated 6 June 2016

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Updated 11th July 2016

Brief background to the John King trophy

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Worcester Workshop

Saturday 18th November 2017

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Producing a Church Magazine

Guide to Good Practice

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Awards Scheme and Annual Meeting 2017

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3rd January 2017

Flintergill Collection of Church Magazines reaches 10000

A Closure Report has been issued but collecting still continues

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1st May 2017

Awards Scheme and Annual Meeting 2017

Some photographs of the meeting at Westminster Central Hall on Saturday 6th May 2017

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17th May 2017

Committee changes

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Updated 28th March 2017

Annual Meeting and Winners of the 2016 Awards Scheme?

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Updated 6 June 2016

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17th July 2017