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11th May 2018





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What do the letters PM stand for? Although prime minister might spring immediately to mind, in my case it is quite simply publicity and music.

Music does, of course, have a long standing connection with the church. Just think back to all those wonderful composers who have written church music that is still performed today. I’m not in that class, but I have sung in church choirs, played the flute in orchestras performing some of the great music just mentioned, and have been a church organist since 1979.

How did I come to spend so much time being involved with church music? I well remember a summer afternoon chatting to some of my friends reading music at the University of Nottingham. It’s a lovely view from the Portland Building with its chapel down in the basement.

In those days the music department was quite small, just three members of staff who played the organ and conducted both the university choir and orchestra.

I was surprised when Frank Laming came up to me and asked if I would be interested in joining the chapel choir. Like so many choirs it was short of tenors. I felt I didn’t really have the time to spend with two rehearsals and a service every week.

The following week Basil Smallman found me and asked the same question with the same result.

Only a week later Prof Ivor Keys (yes, that really was the name of the professor of music!) found me again talking with a group of his students outside the Portland Building. He too interrupted our conversation and asked, “Please would you join the chapel choir as we desperately need a cantores tenor who can read music and has a sense of pitch?” Three times I had been asked. What was going on? Was this a message from on high? Anyway that was how a physics student became associated with church music.

The publicity side started a few years later at Associated Electrical Industries. I was working in the Sales Department and involved in the sales of electron microscopes. We needed a publicity officer and I thought it would be an interesting move. It was and I eventually became publicity manager at Cambridge Scientific Instruments and then publicity consultant at PERA in Melton Mowbray before running my own consultancy.

Put the two together and what do you get? Someone who is involved with the church and has an ability to write. Eventually I became involved in producing church magazines and here I am as webmaster for the Association for Church Editors.

You may need to contact me, for instance to offer an item of news for use on the website. So that has been made easy. To send an e-mail simply click here. Thank you.

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