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benefits of membership

The Association for Church Editors provides practical help and advice to those concerned with producing church-based communications. The principle aim of our Association is therefore to support the highest standards of editorial communication between churches and their immediate communities. As a not-for-profit organisation, ACE is run by volunteers, almost all of whom are involved in producing a magazine for their church either of which they are members of the congregation. Many of our editors have professional knowledge often in pubic relations, publicity or designing publications. Such knowledge is extremely useful though sadly not always valued as it should be.
The Awards Scheme Our experience  in judging over the years has been that it is almost impossible to judge the various types of church magazine against each other. To overcome this we are now judging magazines against others in the same category each year. In one year we judge A5 black and white magazines, then A5 in the next in which colour had been used. In the third year we judge magazines of A4 and similar sizes. We have found this to be a very successful approach. The editor of the best overall magazine in that category is awarded the John King Trophy to hold for twelve months. All editors and their editorial teams are eligible to enter. Judging is aimed at answering the question "How well does your magazine meet its aims?" In deciding this the judges take into account the financial, human and technical resources available for its production. As well as the John King Trophy, other trophies and certificates are awarded for the various aspects of production.
Workshops Workshops are organised periodically in various parts of the country, usually by a local member. These are designed to bring a group of members and non-members together and update their knowledge. These events are a good way of bringing people together, of making  friends and of learning new  ideas  based  on  the knowledge and experience of other editors. Getting to know other editors living near you can be an invaluable source of assistance when help is needed because “things have gone wrong”. The Ideas Forum The Ideas Forum is the Association's newsletter for members, and is currently produced and e-mailed out to members monthly. The forum provides members with regular articles of interest, often written by members, and a variety of other material for use in your magazines. There are also regular tips, based on the  practical experience of editors, related to design and technology, so that we can all learn from, and share the experience and wisdom of others. Members are invited to submit articles that they have written for possible inclusion in the Ideas Forum. Guide to Good Practice The ACE Guide to Good Practice is aimed at helping new members, new editors and editors taking over from their predecessors. It acts as a guide to the better appearance and content of church magazines and includes tips on design, content, editing and much more. The Guide provides a good background to most of what an editor needs to know when setting out to produce a magazine. A copy of The Guide to Good Practice is distributed to all current members. Copies will also be sent out to new members when they join the Association Members and non-members may purchase a printed copy from Alan Rickards, ACE Treasurer and Membership Officer, 51 West Way, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, CW4 7DG. Please enclose a cheque for £4.00 payable to ACE with your order. Printed copies will also be available to purchase at workshops and the annual meeting. Members are encouraged to send any tips and advice which they think may be of help to others to the Webmaster.
Local Groups In the past, a series of local groups were run by a number of enthusiastic members. They were particularly valuable in keeping members in touch with each other. Group Leaders were delighted to welcome new members for whom the group provided a unique way of welcoming them into the fold. New members were encouraged to join their local group  with the aim of bringing them into contact with existing members to discuss various issues and challenges. Meetings were held on an “ad hoc” basis and members brought along their own magazines for friendly comparison. Groups were also encouraged to keep in touch by e-mail and to help each other by passing on possible contributions to their magazines that might be of use to other members. Would you be willing to start up a Local Group for your area? If so, please contact our Chairman, chairman or our Secretary at secretary for assistance.
Membership benefits include:
Sharing of creative ideas and unique materials that are exchanged between members Advice and technical tips from experienced church magazine editors A regular Ideas Forum, distributed monthly by e-mail, providing more tips and advice A national level Awards Scheme is held most years to encourage and recognise the achievements of our members An annual meeting usually in May at which the Awards are presented, the Annual General Meeting is held, a prominent speaker gives a keynote speech and matters of current interest to members are discussed Free copies of “Producing a church magazine, Guide to Good Practice” provided to all members Constructive feedback and help to improve your own publication Workshops in desktop publishing; graphics and photo-editing; and web site design Future formation of Local Groups to organise meetings in your area for providing mutual support and encouragement Subscriptions from new members joining after 1st September will run through to the end of the following year
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